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Oshkosh North High School Visits Badger For Servant Leadership workshop

Oshkosh North PBIS and Link Crew paid a visit to Badger Sports Park  last week to have a little fun playing our escape rooms and participating in our Servant Leadership Workshop.  These students came incredibly well prepared and were very mature in their responses and engagement.  They are well-ahead of their years. Badger Sport Park […]

Do you lead people?? Why you should look at our servant leader development program.

Here’s the why?  As we asked… Do you lead people??  Are you completely satisfied with your leadership style?  Are you seeing red flags in your organization such as: high turnover rates? disgruntled team members? clicky snarky attitudes ruling the day? are you starting to lose control? This program is designed to help leaders ‘Reach the Hearts and Minds’ of […]

Badger’s Journey into Servant Leadership

A couple of months ago, I received a call from Jim Rosetti from The Biz Connection, which is a weekly radio show heard throughout the state of Wisconsin and the midwest which features companies and individuals committed to developing leadership.  He had heard about our endeavors at Badger Sports Park into servant leadership and wanted to […]