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Check out Groove Guardians – Our newest VR game!

Groove Guardians is the ultimate music challenge and dance battle. You have controllers (1 in each hand) that act as fists in the digital space. Use the fists to punch the oncoming notes to the beat of the music. While using hand movement to hit the notes, you have to duck and maneuver to avoid […]

New Laser Tag Game Mode – DOMINATION

New Laser Tag Game Mode – Domination Traditional Laser Tag with a twist… Two teams flight over control of the active sectors (shown in yellow) in the arena. A player of a team must pass under the sector to activate and then hold each sector for bonus points. All while tagging each other.  The team […]

Badger hosts Wisconsin Resource Center for Leadership training!

“Wisconsin Resource Center came out last week for Badger Sports Park’s leadership workshop “Reaching Hearts and Minds through Servant Leadership”.  WRC has brought out several groups over the past year to better improve their culture and the work experience in general.  This 3 hour workshop is hosted by Patrick Van Abel who is a founder […]

Badger hosts The Bank of Little Chute for Leadership training.

Badger would like to thank the entire team from the BLC Community Bank for spending some time with us last week.  The entire bank team learned about creating a positive culture in the workplace, and also did some self reflecting on how they can be better!  We received this email shortly after the event from […]

Badger hosts UW Oshkosh Student Mentor Program for Leadership Development

UW Oshkosh Student Mentor Program Thank you to UW Oshkosh for participating in our Servant Leader Workshop.  They brought out their “Student Mentors” who will soon be impacting the new freshman attending UWO!  Their group participated in our 3 hour workshop which focuses on creating stronger relationships and organizational culture.  This is done by first […]

Oshkosh North High School Visits Badger For Servant Leadership workshop

Oshkosh North PBIS and Link Crew paid a visit to Badger Sports Park  last week to have a little fun playing our escape rooms and participating in our Servant Leadership Workshop.  These students came incredibly well prepared and were very mature in their responses and engagement.  They are well-ahead of their years. Badger Sport Park […]