Spring Break 2021 – Open all week

Badger will be open at 12pm everyday this week for Spring Break 2021!

Currently we have all indoor attractions open! Laser Tag, Mini Bowling, Inflatables, VR, our huge game room and food!  

We are working hard to get our outdoor attractions open and are shooting for Friday April 2nd! Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for up to the
minute info on outdoor attractions!  

Open Easter Sunday 12 – 6

New VR Game – Rig Rebels

In Rig Rebels team up with your friends and raid a futuristic facility in this action-packed PvP shoot-fest, where players can use their hands to move around the highly-detailed, steam punk environment.

Great for experienced gamers or customers looking for a competitive challenge, Rig Rebels requires players to split their focus between shooting, collecting resources, shields and power ups, as well as movement and position.

Check out Groove Guardians – Our newest VR game!

Groove Guardians is the ultimate music challenge and dance battle. You have controllers (1 in each hand) that act as fists in the digital space. Use the fists to punch the oncoming notes to the beat of the music. While using hand movement to hit the notes, you have to duck and maneuver to avoid oncoming obstacles. Get into the flow of the track and become part of the music!


New Laser Tag Game Mode – DOMINATION

New Laser Tag Game Mode – Domination

Traditional Laser Tag with a twist… Two teams flight over control of the active sectors (shown in yellow) in the arena. A player of a team must pass under the sector to activate and then hold each sector for bonus points. All while tagging each other.  The team with the most points wins!

Laser Tag - Domination Mode

Badger hosts Wisconsin Resource Center for Leadership training!

“Wisconsin Resource Center came out last week for Badger Sports Park’s leadership workshop “Reaching Hearts and Minds through Servant Leadership”.  WRC has brought out several groups over the past year to better improve their culture and the work experience in general.  This 3 hour workshop is hosted by Patrick Van Abel who is a founder of Badger Sports Park and owns different business across the state of Wisconsin.  Some typical takeaways in our workshop are

  • People don’t care what you know until they know that you truly care
  • The first job of any leader is to remove the FEAR in their organization
  • The biggest failure in leadership is “Conflict Avoidance”
  • The tremendous difference between “Power” cultures and “Influence”


A team member from WRC gave us the following –  I thought Pat did an excellent job.  He clearly did his homework in reading our pre-training reports and has a gift of incorporating the issues into his presentation without fronting anyone out and making them uncomfortable. He is very easy to listen to – gives a good balance of knowledge with personal/business experiences.  I like that he is direct with the group when asking/answering questions.  I would highly recommend his training to others.


At Badger, we truly strive to tailor this workshop to your organizations needs.  Leadership is all about accepting feedback on our behaviors!


For more information, please email us at [email protected]