Oshkosh North High School Visits Badger For Servant Leadership workshop

Oshkosh North PBIS and Link Crew paid a visit to Badger Sports Park  last week to have a little fun playing our escape rooms and participating in our Servant Leadership Workshop.  These students came incredibly well prepared and were very mature in their responses and engagement.  They are well-ahead of their years.

Badger Sport Park offers Servant Leadership Workshops for both non-profit programs like high school leadership classes and also to corporate organizations.  Along with a presentation and work shop leadership challenges Badger mixes in a little fun with our escape rooms.  There is no better single activity in our opinion than locking 6 to 8 people in a room and challenge them to escape within the hour.  They are forced to work together to get out.  If they don’t collaborate, they will not succeed alone!  It is amazing the different skill sets that emerge when people are challenged with these clues and puzzles.  Everyone has different strengths and that becomes very apparent in an escape room.  What seems like something obvious to one person might bewilder the rest of the group and vice versa!

Please contact us at [email protected] and ask us about our leadership workshops and to see about our incredible ‘Coach Special’ – heavily discounted deals only available for high school coaches and program directors. Onorth 1 Onorth 2 Onorth 3