Badger Sports Park’s “Reaching the Hearts and Minds” presentation picked #1 by Masterminds Leadership Group

Masterminds, a Wisconsin based leadership group, has announced that their October guest speaker will be Pat Van Abel, owner of Badger Sports Park. The group members and attendees throughout 2016 voted Pat Van Abel as the top guest speaker, so Masterminds has invited Pat to return as a presenter. Last fall, Pat spoke on servant leadership and how he has incorporated servant leadership in Badger Sports Park and other areas of his life as a business owner, husband, father and friend in the Fox Valley.


Jennifer Kligora, one of Masterminds leaders, said, “Pat has a way of presenting leadership information like no other speaker I’ve heard. He takes principles of leadership and gives practical actions and examples on how to apply them. I’ve learned that I need to build relationships while performing tasks and share my vision and values.”


Masterminds is a leadership group based out of Waukesha county. Founded in 2016, Masterminds is designed to bring people together who have a desire to grow and develop as leaders. The group invites guest speakers to discuss different leadership practices. The goal is to grow as leaders for our families, employees, co-workers and community.  It is also a great opportunity to network in the Milwaukee area.The group meets in the evening, on the third Wednesday, of the month in the Waukesha county area.


If you have any questions regarding Masterminds, contact Tony Wendorf at 262-719-0676 or [email protected]