Kohler Power System holds Team Building workshop at Badger

We would like to thank Kohler Power Systems for taking our Servant Leader Workshop program last Friday at Badger Sports Park.  This program focuses on ‘Reaching the Hearts and Minds’ of those on your team.  In this 3 hour workshop, we introduce the fundamentals of Servant Leadership and how our daily decisions impact those around us.  We use examples from very high performance local businesses to large international organizations and how they commit more time and energy into improving the relationships with their team members and their culture development than most in their industries do. 


Festival Foods, Berry Wehmiller, Kwik Trip and many more great organizations are highlighted and we give very specific examples of what these organizations are doing differently.  We also take some time to do physical and mental team building challenges including using our escape rooms to focus on important aspects of building trust and the importance of meeting the ‘needs’ of those on our teams.  We zero in on trust, communication,  and active listening in some of the “Leadership Skill” development exercises. 


“People do not care what you know until they know you care”.  Do you regularly show your people you care?  ( a paycheck is not enough boss!)


For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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