Badger Escape – Escape Rooms Coming Mid May

Badger Sports Park is very excited about the addition of 2 Escape Rooms called Badger Escape”.  We are hoping for a mid-May opening.  Our online booking software will be ready soon at our website.

A little background… we went to the foggy and crooked streets of Manchester England in search of the world’s best escape rooms.

Our Live Escape Rooms are designed for up to 8 people.  You have exactly 1 hour to get out.  You and your co-workers, friends or family must crack many different puzzles, codes, locks and riddles to break out on time.  Many do not succeed.  In fact, half do on ‘Badger Escape’!  We will be offering 2 of Manchester’s best games.  First is “INFILTRATE”  Falsely accused of a serious crime your friend is behind bars. Can you infiltrate the station and bust them out? You have 60 minutes before the guard comes back from his patrol. Break free or end up behind bars.

Our second game is “CLASSIFIED”  The classified room see’s players sitting in their final entrance exam to become a secret agent. You must escape from the room to pass the exam. This is Badger Escape’s most explosive and technologically advanced room yet! Think James Bond, Jack Bauer and Lara Croft. Classified is the prequel to Sabotage.

Just a couple of more weeks before Badger Escape Rooms arrive.  “CAN YOU ESCAPE?”
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