Do you lead people?? Why you should look at our servant leader development program.

Here’s the why?  As we asked… Do you lead people??  Are you completely satisfied with your leadership style?  Are you seeing red flags in your organization such as:

  • high turnover rates?
  • disgruntled team members?
  • clicky snarky attitudes ruling the day?
  • are you starting to lose control?

This program is designed to help leaders ‘Reach the Hearts and Minds’ of those people in their organizations and their life through servant leadership.

Servant Leadership starts as an inward journey where people examine their own behaviors, choices, priorities and motives as it relates to the important relationships in their lives.  In this journey, one must first figure out what success means to them.  If having mutually productive relationships is important, they will find this challenging journey incredibly rewarding.  If self-serving behaviors rule the day,  you need not apply… UNTIL the life-frustrations that come with that line of thinking drive you mad.  Then you are always welcome!!

Servant Leadership is a term coined in the 1960’s by Robert Greenleaf.  Although the principals that found this movement are thousands of years old, the refined thought, practice and application of in the last 50 years have helped fuel some incredibly high-performance organizations.

Servant leadership sees ‘leadership’ as a skill that needs much attention that requires practice and application.  With the help of many organizations, we at Badger have developed a very affordable way to shed some light on the real issues within your organization.  Please call us anytime and talk to Joe or check out our flyer (Servant Leadership Development Program”