Innovative Services from Stevens Point enjoys a Team Building Day at Badger!

We were fortunate to have Innovative Services (I.S.) from Stevens Point in for our Professional Team Building and Leadership Development program. (IS) is a company whose sole focus is to help the developmentally disabled improve their quality of life in their communities. What a great team of caring and giving individuals!

They brought 27 team members into Badger Friday (Sept 18th) to challenge their thinking, open their minds to improving their behaviors at work / home and work on the fundamentals of trust and effective communication. This open-minded thinking will lead to better relationships and having people lead with INFLUENCE instead of power.

In leadership circles, more specifically Servant Leadership, it is commonly stated that ‘Healthy Relationships = Healthy Organization’. We at Badger share our journey (23 years!) in Servant Leadership and share best practices from other leadership focused companies like Festival Foods, Southwest Airlines and many more. Healthy Relationships start with healthy behaviors and focusing on our own actions first! We have found the REALLY successful organizations are constantly trying to capture the hearts and minds of their team members. They start this by holding their people to very high but fair standards, becoming better listeners and showing their teams that they care and have a voice.

The team from (IS) was very open minded and were great participants. Thank you to the leaders of Innovative Services for being humble enough to say there is always room to improve and we are all in this together!

Innovative Services Team Building