Professional Team Building Programs

Badger Sports Park has recently added a Professional Team Building and Leadership Development program.  This program was created for any organization that wants to improve communication, identify behaviors that fit or don’t fit the groups core values and look at the programs and standards in place that promote your desired culture.  As stated by many wise leaders… “You never arrive in leadership”  it is constantly changing and requires continuous investment of time, energy, and care.  What have you done in you organization to show your team that you care or is it mostly about just collecting a paycheck?

It is our hope that you can capture the hearts and minds of the people in your organization.  R.W. Emerson stated “the key is not to light a fire beneath them but to light the fire within them!”.  Where is the fire in your organization?

Please check out more details on our programming here Badger Sports Park Professional Team Building or call Joe 920.830.6900 / [email protected]


Some of the groups who have tried out the Badger Sports Park Professional Team Buildnig

-Kimblery Clark

-All About Packaging

– McGlone Mortgage

-Print Pro