Badger’s Journey into Servant Leadership

A couple of months ago, I received a call from Jim Rosetti from The Biz Connection, which is a weekly radio show heard throughout the state of Wisconsin and the midwest which features companies and individuals committed to developing leadership.  He had heard about our endeavors at Badger Sports Park into servant leadership and wanted to learn about our journey.  That interview is right here Badger Sports Park Servant Leadership Journey – 22 years and counting!

To that point, Badger Sports Park recently added a professional team building and leadership development program at Badger.  This program lasts about 3 hours and involves a power point on Servant Leadership, physical team building challenges and a leadership skills inventory.  We also try to capture from each attendee personal and business goals about what behaviors that they can change to improve their relationships.  For more information, please go to our team building Team Building and Leadership Development


Patrick Van Abel

For more great interview on leadership and successful entrepreneurs, check out the link below.

The Biz Connection