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“Lucas, I need to talk to you right after this ride.” My heart sank as I heard these words from Badger Sports Park’s staff member, Tim, who was monitoring the go-karts as I jumped into a double wide car with one of our participants, Justin. I didn’t question Tim before taking off, but his tone sounded urgent.

Our second “All Sports Night” was off to a great start. Over 60 participants with special needs came out to enjoy the BSP venue and meet 70 mentors from the Appleton North track team. From the moment the event started, participants jumped into mini-golfing, arcade bowling, eating pizza, and enjoying the new relationships with their mentors. It all seemed to be going too well…

As I navigated around the go-kart track with Justin thinking about Tim’s request, my thoughts raced. With a clinic of 130 youth working together, there is ample room for things to go wrong:

“What did we break?”

“Oh no, somebody got hurt, said something, or did something..”

“Our partnership with BSP is really changing lives. What did we do to screw it up?”

And so on..

After wrapping up our ride, I jumped out of the cart and approached Tim bracing myself for the news.

“Lucas, we just think that it is awesome what these mentors are doing. We know they are busy and need to get home, but we would like to offer them a free go-kart ride to celebrate the impact they made tonight.”

Wow! That was a change up. After breathing a sigh of relief, we wrapped up the clinic and then announced the news to the mentors. 40+ high school girls sprinted like grade school kids to line up for the go-karts. I could not think of a better way to thank them for their efforts.

Establishing values is a norm now in the corporate world. Employees participate in leadership retreats. Posters line the walls promising customer relationships, promoting employee wellness, and branding the company’s lofty vision. However, too often, the buck stops there.

I am incredibly grateful to say that Badger Sports Park is different. From the leaders to the part-time employees of BSP, one thing remains embedded in their culture:

Leaders are servants and servants are leaders.

Badger Sports Park is driven by a bottom line greater than profit margins, capital gains, and net sales. Their mission of excellence and servant leadership creates a singular focus that builds an impactful experience for all guests. We are excited to learn and grow with the terrific team at BSP and hope to create many future events that will leave the community a better place.




Lucas Jadin

Inspire Sports