Hoffmann Planning, Design and Construction attends Leadership Workshop at Badger

“ Hoffmann Planning, Design and Constructions came out to Badger Sports Park last week for our Servant Leadership Workshop.  Hoffmann and their leadership group came to us with the goal to improve their culture and become the ‘Greatest Place to Work!’  We were very excited to help them in their journey.

Just a snippet of what we cover in our workshops… You never arrive in leadership development.  Leadership is NOT an event or a workshop but rather a sometimes slow, arduous and thankless set of tasks, lots of listening and conversations.  The world’s greatest leaders all agree that leadership is a skill that needs lots of time and attention.  Unfortunately most organizations leave it up fate and luck as to what type of leaders are walking around in their buildings!

Hoffmann Team Building

We challenge this common thinking in our workshops and give you very practical common sense stuff from high performance organizations from around the world to first make your own and then implement into your company, team or family.

Hoffmann Team Building 2

Badger Sports Park’s “Reaching the Hearts and Minds” presentation picked #1 by Masterminds Leadership Group

Masterminds, a Wisconsin based leadership group, has announced that their October guest speaker will be Pat Van Abel, owner of Badger Sports Park. The group members and attendees throughout 2016 voted Pat Van Abel as the top guest speaker, so Masterminds has invited Pat to return as a presenter. Last fall, Pat spoke on servant leadership and how he has incorporated servant leadership in Badger Sports Park and other areas of his life as a business owner, husband, father and friend in the Fox Valley.


Jennifer Kligora, one of Masterminds leaders, said, “Pat has a way of presenting leadership information like no other speaker I’ve heard. He takes principles of leadership and gives practical actions and examples on how to apply them. I’ve learned that I need to build relationships while performing tasks and share my vision and values.”


Masterminds is a leadership group based out of Waukesha county. Founded in 2016, Masterminds is designed to bring people together who have a desire to grow and develop as leaders. The group invites guest speakers to discuss different leadership practices. The goal is to grow as leaders for our families, employees, co-workers and community.  It is also a great opportunity to network in the Milwaukee area.The group meets in the evening, on the third Wednesday, of the month in the Waukesha county area.


If you have any questions regarding Masterminds, contact Tony Wendorf at 262-719-0676 or tonywendorf@gmail.com. “

Our hours have changed!

The end of summer means new hours for the park.  Hope everyone had a great summer!

Winter / Spring / Fall Hours
Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm
Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am -9pm

Kohler Power System holds Team Building workshop at Badger

We would like to thank Kohler Power Systems for taking our Servant Leader Workshop program last Friday at Badger Sports Park.  This program focuses on ‘Reaching the Hearts and Minds’ of those on your team.  In this 3 hour workshop, we introduce the fundamentals of Servant Leadership and how our daily decisions impact those around us.  We use examples from very high performance local businesses to large international organizations and how they commit more time and energy into improving the relationships with their team members and their culture development than most in their industries do. 


Festival Foods, Berry Wehmiller, Kwik Trip and many more great organizations are highlighted and we give very specific examples of what these organizations are doing differently.  We also take some time to do physical and mental team building challenges including using our escape rooms to focus on important aspects of building trust and the importance of meeting the ‘needs’ of those on our teams.  We zero in on trust, communication,  and active listening in some of the “Leadership Skill” development exercises. 


“People do not care what you know until they know you care”.  Do you regularly show your people you care?  ( a paycheck is not enough boss!)


For more information, please contact us at info@badgersportspark.com


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